Repair & RMA

Procedures, terms & conditions:


Fill out RMA form on-line with malfunction details and send it to Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd by email, fax, or post. An RMA number will be assigned to each of product units in accordance with the product's serial number. The RMA number in format of Vxxxxx (e.g. V21384) is to be quoted in any correspondences or phone calls in related to the unit.


A copy of RMA form and Proof of Purchase are to be enclosed in shipment of return products. The package should have the RMA number(s) clearly shown outside the packing to ensure prompt handling.


Keep a copy of the product's serial numbers and records of all accessories that you send with the main units. (Most of accessories are not necessarily required.)


Product is considered out of warranty, if any visible or physical damage is found on the product returned. Also if the product's serial number is tampered with or has a voided warranty sticker. For warranty claims, we require copy of purchase invoice to show actual usage of being less than 12 months. Warranty service is provided for products purchased from authorised channels in Canada only.



Products returned for exchange, or DOA must be applied to obtain pre-approval from our RMA department within 7 days from customer's invoice date. Please email or fax RMA Request form to get the RMA number.

Product return for credit or exchange is subject to 25% restocking charges. Amount will be refunded after deduction of restocking and shipping charges within 3 weeks from the date of unit receipt by Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd and upon final inspection approval by the RMA and Technical Department. All returned goods must be in original packing and in new conditions with all original accessories and documentations. No products should be returned for credit unless Buyer receives pre-approval from RMA department. No used products can be exchanged, returned for credit or refund. All used products will be repaired under warranty terms and return to the customers.


All service requests are processed in the order they come in meaning that they are on First-in-first-out (FIFO) basis. No exceptions will be made.


For those items claimed physical damages during transportation, a claim must be made within 24 hours of receipt. Transportation damage report from the carrier is required.

9. Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd reserves the option to replace rather than repair the product with a new or reconditioned units of the same or similar design. The repair or replacement unit will be warrantied for 90 days or balance of the original warranty whichever is longer.
10. Accessories such as batteries, antennas, belt clips, carry cases, headsets, & etc. are NOT covered under warranty and repair services.
11. If no fault is found with the products received, a fee of $55.00 per unit plus shipping & handling costs will be charged.
12. Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd. is NOT responsible for any customers' products and/or properties, which is not claimed within 90 days of receipt.
13. Customers are responsible for paying all shipping, insurance and handling costs to return in-warranty products to Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd. For non-warranty products, customers are responsible for paying for both ways of shipping and handling costs. Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd doesnot provide drop shipment services.
14. Advance Replacement Policies per customer requisition :-


Customers must provide credit card numbers to RMA department and sign the RMA form for an advance replacement unit request.
b. Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd will charge the customers at selling price according to the total number of advance replacement units before shipment.
c. The advance replacement is a functional unit, not a new unit. No advance replacement unit will be provided if they are not available in our stock.
d. A $179 non-refundable fee will be applied to each of advance replacement units. For example : $179 for one Base Unit and $99 for one Handset unit excluding accessories.
e. Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd will refund to customers within 3 weeks from the date of unit receipt by Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd. The amount will be deducted from the non-refundable fee and shipping cost if the unit is returned within 30 days from the date of Super Telecommunications Co. Ltd invoices. Repair cost would be extra should any damage be found by RMA department.

Customer will pay one-way of shipping cost if the product is under warranty or both-way of shipping costs if it is non-warranty item.

Remarks: RMA services and/or repair costs are subject to change without prior notice to customers. 


Advance replacement units are only available with 30 days from the date of purchase by end-users.

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