IPCAMERA / Network Surveillance Camera / Dome Camera - EDS6115


  • Ultra-wide angle 1-MP CMOS lens captures high-resolution images over broader indoor areas
  • Removable IR cut filter & built-in IR illuminators for night viewing to 32-ft./10m
  • 802.11n Wireless speeds for flexible deployments
  • Power-over-Ethernet (802.11af) support extends power to unwired areas
  • H.264 Video format provides 1280 x 720 HD performance utilizing less bandwidth
  • Supports Triple Codecs: H.264/MPEG-4 and MJPEG to 30 fps


Security concerns top the agenda of many organizations today leading to an increased presence of surveillance cameras in homes and businesses alike. As surveillance systems become an integral part of the network, the need to quickly integrate and manage them along with existing networks becomes increasingly important. The EDS6115 integrates quickly and is easily managed through an existing EnGenius network.

Supporting 802.11n wireless for high-speed surveillance video delivery, the EDS6115 IP Camera offers flexibility in placement options. Power the camera with the included power supply or over CAT5/6 from its 802.3af-compliant port via an EnGenius PoE-compatible Switch, and extend power in deployments where power outlets may be scarce or unavailable, such as in older buildings or ceiling deployments.

Homes, retail stores, business offices, warehouses and campuses or other locations that require 24/7 surveillance, all become more secure when an EDS6115 is situated at key entry points and populated areas. With powerful, built-in IR LED illuminators and a removable mechanical IR Cut filter, the IP Camera is able to provide clear image quality day or night in low light or total darkness up to 32-feet/10 meters.

Its ultra-wide angle 1-Megapixel lens captures high-resolution images over broader areas, reducing deployment costs by replacing multiple cameras and improving investigations by capturing better, more useful evidence. Easily adjust the lens view angle for manual Pan & Tilt without opening dome cover. To document insurance claims or provide law enforcement with video evidence, the Camera can snap 1280 x 720 HD JPEG images or record H.264/MPEG-4 and motion JPEG video clips at 30 frames per second and store them locally to a micro SD/SDHC card or send them via the network to a hard drive or NAS. The IP Camera can also operate as a stand-alone device allowing surveillance video to be stored directly on the camera utilizing its on-board storage slot for capture-and-record or capture, record and transmit options.

Utilizing the IP Camera’s simultaneous dual-stream capabilities can save bandwidth and reduce storage space while allowing for remote monitoring and recording via separate streams. Each codec can be set to different frame-rates and image resolutions to customize specific application requirements. Adhering to the ONVIF standard, allows for easy integration of the IP Camera with other ONVIF-compliant thirdparty hardware and software available on the market.

To address the threat of suspicious activity in places with multiple entry points, the IP Surveillance Camera supports a motion and audio detected-triggers, which automatically activates a recording of the covered area ensuring all activity is monitored so employees, deliveries, and other assets arrive and depart safely and on time. With its built-in microphone, events can be heard as well as seen for a more accurate representation of a situation.

Send motion or audio-triggered event alerts directly to a smartphone or tablet via EnGenius push notifications, ensuring a rapid response to in-progress events. Paired with the EnGenius’ EnViewer™ mobile app, available as a free download on the Apple® Store and Google™ Play Store, IT managers, store owners and staff can remotely monitor their properties from anywhere, while on the go.

The included 16-Channel Video Management Software (VMS) provides live view monitoring, record, playback and quick search features. Up to 5 separate clients can simultaneously view live camera feeds from various locations, allowing security personnel or staff the flexibility to monitor cameras from multiple locations.

Populated areas such as atriums, lobbies, hallways, and thoroughfares where a large amount of activity takes place can also benefit via VMS by allowing a minimum amount of personnel to monitor the property while maintaining the utmost level of security.


Constant Vigilance
The IP Camera’s ultra-wide angle 1-MP CMOS lens provides 1280 x 720 HD performance, clarity and versatility needed to monitor wider areas, requiring fewer camera placements. Removable IR cut filter and built-in IR LED illuminators offer clear image quality day or night in low light or total darkness up to 32-ft./10 m.

Place Almost Anywhere
802.11n Wireless transfers video surveillance high speeds and ensures deployment flexibility. IP Camera can be powered and connected directly via an Ethernet cable to a Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af-capable Switch, extending power to unwired areas for greater flexibility in camera placement.

Customize Viewing & Recording Options
Supporting Triple Codecs H.264/MPEG-4 and MJPEG to 30 fps, each can be set to different frame-rates and image resolutions to customize specific application requirements. Utilizing its simultaneous dual-stream capabilities saves bandwidth, reduces storage space and allows for remote monitoring and recording via separate streams. Easily adjust the lens angle for manual Pan & Tilt without opening dome cover.

On-Camera Video Storage Capacity
Built-in Micro SD/SDHC Card slot allows surveillance video to be saved directly on-board the camera for capture-and-record or capture, record and transmit options.

Monitor, Record and Search with 16-Channel Video Management Software (VMS)
Provides maximum video coverage for even the most far-reaching venues. Monitor up to 16 camera streams in real-time with included Video Management Software. View and monitor live feeds, record, and playback and quickly search archived video.

Motion and Audio Detection Triggers Provide Instant Proof
Motion and audio-detection capabilities can be set to trigger recording or alert staff, giving them the irrefutable video evidence needed to initiate a recording of the event or, if necessary, call the authorities.

Alarm Alerts & Push Notifications
Receive triggered event alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet for instant notification of events-in-progress with the EnViewer free downloadable App for Android and iOS.

Remotely View, Access Storage & Playback Videos
Remotely view live video feeds of connected cameras via the EnViewer App. Access and archive EnViewer videos via your smartphone when archived to an EnGenius EnShare-enabled USB hard drive that is connected to an EnGenius IoT Gateway or Intelligent Router. Each video is device (USB drive) date and time stamped for easy sorting and retrieval.

Easily Share with Colleagues, Law Enforcement and More
Simply register managers and trusted staff and download the EnViewer App for additional eyes to remotely monitor locations 24/7 or as needed. EnViewer can generate a QR Code that requires no username or password so personnel can quickly access linked cameras for a faster response to issues needing immediate attention.


Technical Specifications

Image Sensor
¼” 1-Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS Image Sensor

Fixed Board Lens
Fixed-Focus, 3.3 mm @ F1.8

86.8° (diagonal)

Removable Mechanical IR-Cut Filter

Minimum Illumination
Color (IR-Off): 0.5 lux @ F1.8
B/W (IR-On): 0 lux @ F1.8

IR Illuminator
12 pcs IR Illuminator LEDs, effective up to 32-feet/10 meters with wide angle

Shutter Time
1/7.5 sec. to 1/24,000 sec.

Physical Interface
1 x Micro SD/SDHC slot
1 x Reset Button

All-in-One Cable
1 x RJ45 10/100 Base-T (802.3af PoE)
1 x DC Jack (12V/1A)
1 x Reboot/WPS/Reset Button

Power Input
Power Input: 12V/1A/PoE 48V



2x Video Streams

Frame Rates
Up to 30 fps at 1280 x 720

Image Settings
Adjustable Image Size, Quality & Bit Rate

White Balance
Flip & Mirror
Time Stamp & Text Caption Overlay
Auto/Manual Day & Night Mode


Audio Streaming


Built-in Microphone


Wireless Standard
IEEE 802.11b/g/n

3 dBi High-gain Internal Antenna

10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af class 2)

EnGenius DDNS
Auto NAT Pass Through/UPnP Traversal


ONVIF Compatible (Profile S)

Admin/User account level

Password Protection

Alarm & Event/Recording
Event Trigger
Motion/Audio-In Detection

Event Notification
Email/Push Notifications

Event Actions
File Upload to NFS/SAMBA/FTP/SMT/Local SD Card/EnGenius Cloud & Play Audio
EnGenius Simple Smart Recording (Only for EnGenius Cloud Series Routers/Gateways)

Video Buffer
5-Seconds Pre-alarm & Post-alarm

Video Playback

Schedule Recording

Mobile Apps Supported
iPhone/iPad/Android devices

Viewing System Requirements

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/2007/2008

Web Browser
IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

View Clients
Live viewing for up to 5 clients

Environmental & Physical

Temperature Range
Operating: 32° F to 104° F (0°C to 45° C)
Storage: -4º F to 140º F (-20º to 60º C)

Humidity (non-condensing)
Operating: 10 - 80% or less

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