DATACOM / Business Networking / Outdoor AP / Bridge - SA5219


< Enterprise-Class, Long-Range Antenna Provides Coverage to 1.86 Miles
< Improve RF Performance & Versatility in High-Capacity Pt.-to-Mpt. Deployments
< 5GHz Cross-Platform Compatibility for APs with External Connectors
< Mounting System Supports EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point
< Adjustable Down-Tilt from 0-to10° for Flexible Line of Sight
< Compact, IP55-Rated Enclosure Resists Outdoor Conditions & Wind Gusts to 125 MPH


The EnGenius SA5219 is an enterprise-class, 5 GHz, 2x2 MIMO, 19dBi Sector Antenna designed to improve RF performance and versatility in high-capacity, long-range, point-to-multipoint deployments. 

Join the antenna with the EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point to create a powerful, IP55-rated, environmentally resistant, wireless base station with 120-degree, dual-polarity and sector-wide coverage up to 1.86 miles (3 km). The SA5219 supports cross-platform compatibility with its ENS500EXT AP plug-in mounting system or by connecting any outdoor, 2x2, 5 GHz AP with the appropriate antenna cable.

Easily align the mounting tabs on the AP with the mounting bolts on the bracket and slide the unit in place. Connect the RF cables and slide the protective shroud down over the AP. 

The SA5219 offers high-gain, 120-degree wireless beam performance for broad coverage. Combine with other Sector Antennas to create complete, 360-degree area coverage that can be applied to any variety of point-to-multipoint scenarios.



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