DATACOM / Accessories / PoE Injector - EPA5006GP


< Provides proprietary PoE power
< Optimal port design for easy mounting/positioning
< Compact design; sends up to 32W/54v/0.6A of output power
< Extends power to unwired areas up to 328 ft./100 m
< Gigabit Ethernet in & out ports for high-speed devices
< Disconnect, short-circuit & surge protection ensures reliable, secure connections
< Ideal for connecting APs, IP Cameras, VoIP phones & more


EnGenius EPA5006GP Passive 54v Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet Adapter supports high-speed data and up to 32.8 watts/54v of power to compliant devices such as APs, IP cameras or VoIP Phones to 328-feet away over a single cable. Compact optimal port design provides easy, precise installation and built-in power surge protection preserves valuable equipment. 

The Passive 54v PoE Adapter gives network administrators the flexibility to extend power to compatible network devices in locations where power outlets may not be readily available, such as on ceilings or in crawl spaces, while also connecting them to the company network. By combining high-speed Gigabit and power over the same CAT5/6 cable, the EPA5006GP ensures maximum device performance.



EPA5006GP - Document and Datasheets Download

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